Outdoor Fun!!

Greetings from LANGKAWI!

Hello, it’s Akane.

Today’s topic is an outdoor activity which may be a real fun to youth!


is the name of this adventure. Located in Pantai Kok area and have become popular among locals and tourists.

Yes, Unkaizan staffs did have a fun time with this adventure!!

Here is the map of Langkawi island↓↓

The red arrow is where we are (UNKAIZAN Japanese Restaurant).

And the green arrow points ’’skytrex’’ in Pantai Kok/Perdana Quay area.

If you are to head out there from the airport or pantai cenang, you come to a intersection after passing a gas station in Pantai Kok area. Here please check the left-hand side for “Skytrex” banner.

There are 3 courses you can choose from, and about 2hours for one course.

Here are some of the equipment. Only gloves can they be purchased for RM2 upon request.
Red and blue ones with hooks are the vest. You’ll need to go high up, however you are always hooked to the safety rope.

For whom would like to take a bottle of water, wallet, phones, they can lend you a bottle holder. We could carry drinks and/or some small belongings.

Soooooo here are the some attractions!!

Like this….

This swings quite a lot!

When we look down….we found someone!! This is UNKAIZAN Staff who retired earlier.

If you would like to depart from the activity, you also can follow your group by walking up the mountain with guides.
Yes, guides are available to support how to conqure each attraction, or with the ropes.

Another picture….

I enjoyed this one – like hopping on the cloud!!

There are about 30 attractions to go through (depends on the course)!!

It was a great fun and we are planning on our next SKYTREX team-building trip!!


・Price・・・intermediate level RM55/person (online price)
       advance level  RM65/person (online price)
・Items・・・drink, comfortable shoes and socks, preferrably long sleeve shirt and long pants (for safety & mosquito)
・Limitation・・・minimum height 150cm, maximum weight 100kg

Thank you for reading and have a great day!


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