Before the therapy, you will be greeted with a soothing drink and you will be asked to choose aroma oil or body scrub. They are kind enough to prepare coconut and rice scrub for those who had sun burn in this tropical island.
I would like you to try full body and facial 2 hour massage course!
Enjoy mud pack, wrapped in banana leaves, and be ready for silky skin!

  • Tel : 04-9559287
  • Open:13:00-22:00
  • Closed:Open everyday
  • Location : Pantai Tengah(near Gaya Minami)

Teratai Foot Massage

Relax with a foot bath before the massage.
The therapist will know your body condition and let you know where you may have troubles on a reflexology chart.
Please tell your masseurs if you feel any pain or feel ticklish, or have concerned area of your body.
Try other plans like nail and pedicure and ear candles.
Massage before meal is recommended.

  • Tel : 04-9551822
  • Open : 13:00pm-2:00am
  • Close : Open everyday
  • Location : Pantai Chenang


Further up from UNKAIZAN, this spa holds some characteristic villas with great view of the sea.
Independent villas are scattered in the jungle and sure to let you relax. I must say…this is something to experience.
After massage, be sure to stop by and have healthy delicious dinner at UNKAIZAN.


Yoga in the nature island… what is more to ask when speaking about relaxation?
Langkawi Yoga offers several yoga plans such as sessions at hotels like Westin and Datai, yoga @ beach, yoga weekend retreat. (We are sure you will feel rejuvenated after sessions!) Private and group sessions are also available, so anyone at all levels will be able to enjoy the experience.
Just call up or send an email their friendly yoga instructor, Dorothy to ask how you’d like to attend a session. She is also certified in Reiki and Pilates and very popular.

*The information is correct as If published date and there may be any changes without prior notice. We appreciate your understanding.