Greetings from LANGKAWI!

Hello everyone.
We feel the start of wet season day by day in Langkawi.

Today’s topic is ”Place to see the sunset”. I would like to write a couple of locations in Langkawi where we can enjoy the sunset view.

(drumroll….) The second place is….!!

・Pantai Cenang area

Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah streets are the main touristic areas and close from UNKAIZAN Japanese Restaurant. The souvenir shops, restaurants, malls and hotels take place in these streets. So I am sure the convenience of these beaches are quite good.
(That is why I referhere as number 2).

You will find restaurants and bars along the shore. Who doesn’t like to enjoy dinner while looking the sun sets into the ocean!?

I would never get tired of looking at the sunsets as it is never the same sky!
On my day off, I often spend a few hours at the beach watching the sunset and starts to follow.

This is a daytime shot↓

For food ・・・
・Brasserie・・・Italian bistro
・The Cliff・・・The establishment is unique and built above the ocean. Because there is an adjoining bar, people would grab a drink or two there first with the sunset, then dinner in the restaurant after.

・Sugar・・・Near Aseania Resorts. You might find parasailing flying off the shore there (until dusk).
・Yellow Cafe ・・・As the name says it all, this is the yellow colored building and enjoy the drinks over the sunset. Maybe relax with a hammock too!?

Local bar・・・
・Little Lylias・・・Not only drinks but is there food menu such as seafood barbeques.
・Low Wrong Bar・・・Mainly for drinks only. You can sit or lay down over the mat over white sand beach. Sometime there is a fire show (or practice of fire items).

Third place!

・Eagle Square, Kuah Town

About 30min away from UNKAIZAN there is a tourism/business district called Kuah town (near Kuah Jetty).
As you can see from the picture, there is a famous giant eagle statue.

Walking around in daytime can be very hot, so can I suggest you go around sunset time (so it’s a little cooler), then enjoy the statue with lights in the dark.

If you want to enjoy more, there are tax-free shops, starbacks, bowling, and toiletes at neaby Jetty.

After the sunset, available places to eat are:
・a family type restaurant
・local food court (Malaysia 1)
・Charlie’s Place (nice ambience – within Royal Yochet Club)

FYI – you will find many Chinese, Thai restaurants in Kuah Town area.

4th place!

・Tanjun Rhu

This is a area with luxury hotels such as Four Seasons Hotels and Tanjun Rhu Resorts.
A small area on the beach is open to public where the beach is more quiet and cleaner compared to the busy touristic Cenang beach. The contrast of blue from the sky & ocean, and the white sand beach is something to see.

This is a daytime shot at Tanjung Rho beach.

Before going in to the hotel area & public beach area, you will find “Scarbrough” cafe. The view around this area is also a recommend. AND try their Fish and Chips at Scarbrough! The atmosphere is great with open-air terrace, the food is also nice.

Aaaand the first place!!

・UNKAIZAN Japanese Restaurant

Of course I must introduce the view from our restuarnt!

Because we are located at the middle of a hill, we have a better view compared to the ones at the beach.

Why not enjoy the great food amid of tropical plants and the view of sunset?
We have a fresh live fish to be eaten as sashimi (or other methods),
try Japanese BBQ which is only available at outside tables. Chef’s special sauce is mouth-watering! Great with cold drinks!

Don’t forget to have our yummy dessert with the starry sky!

(This photo is from Pantai Cenang).

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!


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