Let’s try Malay

1=satu 2=dua 3=tiga 4=empat 5=lima
6=enam 7=tujuh 8=lapan 9=sembilan 10=sepuluh

  • Can I have 2 of this? [Ini dua]
  • May I have the bill? [Tolong kira]
  • Is it spicy? [Pedaskah?]
  • It’s good (delicious)! [Sedap!]
  • Do you have ___? [Awak ada___?]
  • What do you recommend? [Tolong recommend]
  • Make it less sweet. [Kurang manis]
  • Thank you. [Terima kasih]
  • You’re welcome. [Sama sama]
  • Can I take it away? [Bolek saya ambil ini?]

Drinks are very sweet! (especially, tea and coffee)

  • [Teh ice] Iced milk tea
  • [Teh o ice] Iced tea (sweetened)
  • [Teh o ice limau] Iced lemon tea (sweetened)
  • [Teh o ice koson(g)] Iced tea (no milk, no sugar)
  • coffee > kopi
  • hot > panas
  • cold > sejuk

Chinese tea at the Chinese restaurant [Singar teh] (like oolong tea).
When drinking, try to choose mineral water, and be careful with the tap water and ice.

Not all staffs are friendly

You may encounter staffs working not as hard as they should at some local shops. (Cultural difference!) But when you talk, or become a regular customer, you’ll see their smile 🙂

Friday is a special day for Muslims. Many shops are closed.

In Malaysia, people hold congregational prayer on Friday, thus many shops are closed.
If you would really like to make your way to a certain shop or restaurant, it’s better to confirm in advance. (A lot of times many local places don’t have the set business hours and may close early when items are sold out).

Are you traveling during Ramadan?

Ramadan – Religious act which people do not eat or drink while the sun is out. Tourists do not need to follow this practice, however be noticed that Malay restaurants may be closed during day time. Moreover you may find it hard to catch a taxi when everyone starts to go out and eat their meal.
Note: Ramadan month changes every year.