Yes, it’s Kanako again.

Today I would like to introduce a dish of Kuala Treggannu, eastern side of Malaysia.

This restaurant can be found in ‘Ulu Mulaka’ region. It’s a hidden spot even among locals to taste the best ‘Nasi Dagang’!!

‘Nasi Dagang’ is a rice dish cooked with coconut milk and ginger.
Eat together with fish curry (maybe tuna fish?) with lots of spice.
Usually served with some pickles on the side.

This curry is light (not hearty) and not very spicy. Fish is tender and pickles does a good job to add some refreshing taste.

This one became my personal favourite so I want to go more often, but ‘Nasi Dagang’ is a breakfast item and is served until noon or so.
(This means restaurant closes around the same time). I need to make some effort to wake up earlier to go there in time.

This restaurant is an open-air, but with a roof.

This is the terrace. How great to have a nice breakfast on a nice sunny day, with a great view of the mountains and rice field.

Yes, Langkawi is an island thus a ocean view is kind of the way to look for, but don’t you think this calm scenery is also another jewel part of Langkawi?

Hey, look at this cantik (=cute in Malay language) tree.

For access: you need to have a (rental) car or motorbike, or ask you local friends for a ride…as taxis may be hard to find.


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