Unique Wall Arts in Georgetown

Greetings from LANGKAWI!!

When we closed the restaurant last Wednesday, I finally made a trip to go outside of Langkawi!!!
I have visited another famous island of Malaysia; Pulau Penang!
Did you know it only takes 35min from Langkawi to Penang by air??
LCCs fly between these 2 islands, so all we have to do is to check the websites for great deal.
(Ferry service also availale from Kuah Jetty).

There are 2 popular destinations in Penang island; beach are and Georgetown.
I chose to go Georgetown this time (because it’s said that Langkawi has nicer beach).

This is one of the famous must-see-spot, the Blue Mansion!! (Able to go inside by attending a tour which happens three times a day, or by staying a night).

Georgetown has been registered by UNESCO World Heritage along with Meleka.
Penang Hill which overlooking the city and the starits of Meleka, China town, Little India, mosques, churches, Chinese temples…you name it…are all mixed and existing together in Georgetown.

Other well-known facts about Penang!? It’s a food paradaise!! You’ll enjoy good food everywhere – from the food stands on streets or at hawker stalls.

BUT today I’d like to show you some of the ‘WALL ART’ pictures from Georgetown!!

A simple design…

There is a REAL bicycle in front of the wall!
A popular photo taking spot while you actually sit on the bike.

This one is 3D. Made with wires or some sort…

Photo and wires

At the entrance of a restaurant. Great advertising!

On such great (hot) day, I had to take a little break from walking around downtown.
I found a cute place for a rest with “Ice Kacang” a.k.a “ABC”.
It’s a popular cold Malay sweets. Deliciousss.

The outside doors are pretty unique like this.

At night with the lights

If you are interested, you may get a map specifically of Wall Art at Tourist Info Center or other tourist shops.
One of the ways to explore the historic district of Georgetown.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


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