For Souvenirs…

Hello everyone,

With such weather every day, I feel like we are skipping the rest of our rainy season and going into the hot & dry season in Langkawi!

Today I would like to introduce this veeery authentic souvenir!!
It seems like there has been a ‘popcorn’ trend in Japan recently.
This popcorn is very popular among the locals.
And it’s usually found at anywhere like convenience stores, so no need to find a special shop.

Which is ・・・ ??

(…drum roll…)

Durian flavored popcorn!! So Malaysian!

All the UNKAIZAN staffs like this!

This snack hasn’t come out recently, but it has been everyone’s favorite from childfood.
It’s like ‘Kappa Ebisen'(Japanese famous shrimp-flavored snack), if anyone knows.
Once you open the package, you cannot stop it!

You will enjoy the nice ‘aroma’ of durian as soon as you open the bag…
It’s actually like corn snack than popcorn.

Durian is a fruit that separate people either do like or don’t like,
but I think this is a fun and tasty souvenir of Malaysia.
When buying, it’s priced around RM2 = approx. US60 cents.
Very affordable, light in weight, and fun.!You don’t have to worry about your baggage becomes overweight on your return trip!
Try and enjoy!

Another news from Langkawi…

We had an event called ‘IRON MAN’ at the end of September.
It’s a triathlon race, and the participants swim, ride bike, and run for a long distance from early morning till they finish, usually by midnight.
Langkawi is so-called one of the hardest conditioned race, thus quite a few number of people retire every year.

Around this big day, the island got busier more travelers than usual.
(This event is a strong push by the toursim and/or the government).

And these couples, who had dined at our restaurant half a year ago when they were in Langkawi to check out the terrain and such,
came back to see us again! They have finished the whole race!!
They say it was VERY tough…

I was worried during the race, so it was so nice of them to come back and let us know about the race!!
I wish them to participate again next year!!