Hello everyone,

It may be already familiar to some of you, but I introduce this Malaysian Starbuck’s or family restaurant, “OLD TOWN COFFEE”!

This so-called cafe is originated in Malaysia. It offers various FOOD menu! Also kept clean and be able to enjoy local foods.
There are 2 stores in Langkawi – one is in Cenang Mall and another is in Langkawi Parade shopping mall.
There is one at Kuala Lumpur International Airport too.

It is not the ‘best of the best’ taste, however we can enjoy local food to western to desserts in a air conditioned (and open air outside tables) restaurant!
The prices are reasonable considering the quality and volume.(It’s a bit higher priced than local malay food restaurants).
OLD TOWN COFFEE is great for travelers who feels challenging to eat out from street food stands.
Some of the menus you will find are: Laksa, Nasi Lemak, other of noodle dishes, fried chicken, toast, main dishes, side orders and desserts.
Around Rm13.00 per person, it will be enough to have lunch with drink.

Although this place is open almost whole day, stop by and try cafe menus including famous White Coffee from Ipoh.
WHITE COFFEE is made from coffee beans roasted with margerine or palm oil. You’ll enjoy the dark coffee with condensed milk with a side of roasted taste.

Because this place can be considered as fastfood, food/drinks are served pretty quick. If you are a family with small kids or enjoying a lot of shopping and getting tired, go in here and cool down with its offerings.
It is not so easy to find restaurants with air-cons (especially in Cenang area) in Langkawi as many places have open-air style in order to enjoy the view and resort atmosphere.

Worth trying if you feel interested!
(I myself very often visit here).