WHAT’S THIS??? — in Pasar Malam

Greetings from LANGKAWI!!

We feel more and more of the rainy season as there are more days we feel cooler after the rain (sometimes with much humidity).
Just a small tip – it will be useful to bring some long sleeve to wear in such condition or under strong air con!

1 month of Ramadan for Muslims had started on June 29.
That’s right – people cannot eat nor drink anything from the dawn till the dusk.

・・・almost all malay people start eating upon the sun hides away – doesn’t matter if you are still working or a customer in a shop!
It tends to be difficult to catch a taxi at this timing as well…

With this tradition, there are more food stands opening at places where usually there are’t any, and shops get busier after getting dark.
(Especially sweets! There is a custom to start eating with some sweets after long period of no food/drink).

So I’d like to write about the shops of night market today.

Night market (Pasar Malam in Malay language) is open somewhere in Langkawi everyday, location depends on the days of the week.
It cosists with food/drink/fruits/clothes/daily items stands.

The one in Kuah opens on Wednesday and Saturday nights from approx. 6pm, and this seems to be the bigger ones.
(The photo below is the market from Kuah.)

Here you can walk around and munch on some local food.

First picture is this:

This fruit is know for being prohibited at some hotels and restaurants.

Durians!! King of fruits!
Yes, you smell them even in such outside venue, because of this quantity!?
This gentleman sounds mad when selling durians in Malay language, but when I asked him for a photo he smiled big to a camera.

There are more than food stands – you’ll see some clothing ones too. They sell mostly womens or kids.
Very colorful!

Here is the one with meal/snack stand.

Nasi Lemak, Plut Ayam, Ketupat, spring rolls etc…

Ayam is chicken
Nasi is rice
Goreng means fried
Nasi Lemak is a popular breakfast dish in Malay cuisine.
Rice cooked with coconut milk served with spicy fish sauce and boiled eggs.
Toppings vary by restaurants or homes. Sometimes it comes with Ayam Goreng (fried chicken) or peanuts on top too.

Plut is sticky rice,
Ketupat is a sweet which sticky rice is cooked with coconut milk, then steamed.

There are many to choose from, and very cheap! I always end up buying way more than I can put in my stomach.

And now, I present you with Quiz Pasar Malam!!

Question 1
What is this?

There are numbers of flavors to choose from. Boiling water is a must.

The answer is…

Yan Tao Fu!!!

Most of the skewers are fish cakes, and some are with boiled eggs, with sausages, etc.
They are cooked in boiling water or broth for a few minutes, then you can take out with a choice of sauce all in a plastic bag.
Usually there are hot sauce, sweet sauce, and black pepper sauce.
One of my favorite night market foods.

Question 2
What is this?

It is obvious that it’s a sort of dessert…but are you familiar with the middle cake?
The left one is a normal version.

Answer is…

The appearance almost looks same with what I’d seen in Japan, but the taste requires some kick, some more vanilla sweetness to it.
I would ask for a little more improvement.

The middle cake – top is pudding layer and the bottom half is cocoa sponge cake. Very interesting match.
Good to try to tell your friends later.

Question 3
What is this?

Something deep-fried…so what’s the something?
The size is about the the palm size.

Hint –  and not sweet!

Answer is…

Please write on the comment space below.
I will write the answer later!

You can find fresh fruit stands, seafoods, meat kebab, and interesting variety of drinks at night market!
※FYI – Almost no space to sit down and eat.

Check out Langkawi free map which is found at the airport, in town, or at major hotels to find out where the market being held on what day!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


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