It’s New Year here

Hello everyone,

“Slamat Hari Raya—–!”

July 28th & 29th were New Year’s Days for the Malay people in Malaysia.
Muslims get ready for this big event by going through one month of fasting prior to thier new year’s.
So everybody go nuts to celebrate after the fasting like there is no other days in a whole year.

They dress up in new traditional clothes and visit around relatives, cousins, friends’ friends, neighbors, colleagues etc. In one day, we move houses to houses as long as the day lasts.
Remember? People go crazy to celebrate this!
Especially to kids, or whoever have not married. They get special allowance on this new year’s day! So nice, right!
(In Japan the usual tradition is to gather at grandparents’ house.)

In my case, I visited 5 houses in 4 hours this year.
You are offered (or almost forced to taste) the food everywhere you go. I assure you that you will never be hungry but very full!
Each house has different taste, and it was quite a unique experience.

Satay, bakso – Indonesian food

Chicken bihun soup

Colorful cookies

Ketupat – traditional malay new year food

I am writing about Malay new year’s, but it’s almost “OBON” season in Japan!
Do you have any plans during the time?

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