Farewell Rain of May

Greetings from Langkawi

This is Akane here.

Now we are shifting into rainy season.
Brown-colored trees from dry seasons has now been regaining its beautiful green colors.
Rain also means the seasons for tropical fruits!!!

Durian, mango, rambutan…etc

Oh how much I’m going to miss orange and young mangoes!

This is my last blog at UNKAIZAN. (I applogize for not writing as frequently as we wished).

2 years has passed since I came to UNKAIZAN in the spring of 2014.
Thinking back all my happy meetings with staffs & guests, I’m certain that I have learned and gained experiences in many ways.

Can’t forget the trips I have done to nearby countries too!
I’ve been to Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand (but not Bangkok!), Indonesia…..
(Worked hard as well, not just holidays :))

I will pursue further together with all the memories and life experiences from UNKAIZAN, and Langkawi!!

Please do come to UNKAIZAN and enjoy delicious/authentic Japanese food with friendly service when anyone is in Langkawi!!!
(Reservations is recommended!)

Thank you for reading this blog and hope all have a great day!!


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