Bihun Soup

Hello everyone,

I realized it has been a while for our blog….

We hear the weather in Japan has been changing quickly… from winter to spring to almost summer!

I will try my best to update more frequently so this may be useful for your summer trip.

Today’s information is about “Noodle Stand” on Pantai Tengah street.
Shops/restaurants in this area are usually for tourists, but this noodle stand is very popular among locals and tourists!
We can find it near Sun Cafe (right hand side).
Once you see a truck, tables and chairs scattered on the field, you are in the right spot!

This is the kitchen

They use back of the truck for cooking.

What can we eat here?
Bihun soup, laksa (round rice noodle in fish-based soup), Kuoy Teow (flat rice noodle soup) etc.

This is bihun soup: we can choose from beef topping or chicken topping.
Among all the spicy dishes of Malaysian cuisine, this is more gentle so we can have for breakfast.
If you like it spicy, there are red or black chili paste on the table. Locals mix them until the soup changes color. (YES, sweating is the key!)

Staffs here are fluent in English.
It seems like they usually close on Friday & Sunday, but there is no set schedule.

When you pass by… this is a place to check it out!


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