Chinese New Year & Night Entertainment

Greetings from LANGKAWI!

Another year is about to begin in Malaysia…

A Chinese New Year is happening on February 19th & 20th!

Main groups of Malaysia are; Malay, Chinese, and Indian, and CNY (Chinese New Year) is the biggest event for Malay-Chinese.
We see some changes with our regular guests like brushing up a hair style, preparing new clothes for CNY.
Schools are closed for about one week around CNY despite of ethnicity, so it is the time to make family trip or go visit relatives in other places.
Please be aware that some of the shops owned by Chinese are closed during this period.
Don’t forget to do as much shopping as you need to before CNY.

Speaking of festivity,

does anyone remember that I wrote about “Fire Show” happened at UNKAIZAN?

It was supposed to be one time gig,


now we can enjoy their show at Pantai Cenang beach!!

Because it’s at a casual/local beach bar, there are no schedule of the show.
At the moment, they seem to have 2 shows a night, one at around 21:00 and the 2nd one at around 22:30.

*The bar is open from 21:00 to 2:00, but remember this is a Malaysian time (not as punctuate as you may think)

*How to get to the bar?
You find Cenang Mall (where Starbuck’s is), cross the street and take a walk toward the beach.

Then you’ll find a beach bar with small tables and tatami-like mat with a grilling station.

*What to enjoy?
-Fire Show
-Drinks and some grilled food (Malaysian sate, grilled squid etc)
-Stars (it’s been blue sky for the last month!)

Check out a small pushing wagon near the sea shore, who sells some more grilled items too.

Great option for a night entertainment at Pantai Cenang/Tengah area!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!


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