The Danna Langkawi

Hello everyone,

Today is about The Danna Langkawi hotel which I actually stayed with my friends.
This hotel is a luxury scale, elegant & quiet, and conveniently located in Pantai Kok area (close to the airport). Restaurants and shops are near by too.

Great place for relaxing.
Pantai Kok is known for being used in the film “Anna and the King”
Among the great nature of Langkawi, this place offers a romantic side of it.

First, I must tell you about the welcome massage!
You may have had welcome drink upon arrival to a hotel, but at Danna a professional therapist will give you a few minutes of relaxation….for free!
Imagine after traveling long hours to get here, and getting your tensions out from your neck and shoulders…
(To me it was just 30min ride, so it must feel much better for people with longer traveling).

As you can see in the picture, the room can be arranged to a birthday stay!

Not just the room can be special…there are a bottle of sparkling wine and a WHOLE of chocolate decadance cake delivered to your room!!
What a luxury…(but please make sure to have someone whose birthday is during the stay, because it’ll be checked)

Next about recreational facilities! They play important roles when staying at resort hotels, don’t they?
If you go in to the pool, you’ll see the pool looks connected to the marina in front of the hotel!
There are various depth so from small kids to adults – everyone can enjoy in the water. (There is also a mini jacuzzi).
The pool side menu offers a various range too.
From cocktails to the munchies, from swimming to reading, how to relax is all up to you.
I recommend to check out the pool side happy hours!

Another pumpering experience at the Danna Langkawi hotel is Afternoon Tea.

As this is a newer hotel, rooms are spacious, beds are nice in soft and comfortable,
what else do we ask for!?

I’d like to try their afternoon tea some another time.