When you visit Langkawi, what transportation do you use??
We assume most of you come by air like Malaysia Airlines or Lcc-Air Asia, right?

As some of you may already know, Air Asia terminal has been moved to a newly born “KLIA2” (Kuala Lumper International Airport 2)

Unkaizan Staff, Kanako-san has used here, so here is her report on KLIA2.

Previous LCC Terminals at KLIA was rather like a bus terminal in a country side due to lacking the vibrant atmosphere and air conditions.

And this new one opened in May!!
Very clean and new (of course) and I even felt that the AC has been working too much.

***KLIA2 has many shopping options to offer too, inside and outside of gates.

In addition to regular duty-free stores and food courts,
Toys’R’Us (no headache for parents to bring big toys from center of the city!), The Body Shop, Uniqlo, Vincci and good news for ladies – 2 Victoria Secret stores!
For the food options: from Starbucks, KFC, McDonald’s, The Loaf, Old Town White Coffee, Dome to places which offer Malay or chinese food.

***TO/From KLIA2 to KL city Center

You will find a new stop, ‘KLIA2’ on KLIA EXPRESS Monorail line.
It costs RM35 and takes about 33min. (Before was 1 hour by bus).

If you are multiple persons and not in a hurry,
taking a taxi may be a good idea.
By taxi, it costs a bit less than RM100, however more time consuming.

We hope this helps you to get the idea of this new terminal.
Enjoy and explore KLIA2!