Greetings from LANGKAWI!!

Dear Unkazaian fans (and fans-to-be!)

My name is Akane and I’m from Japan. I’m a newbie here at UNKAIZAN Japanese Restaurant!

As you may notice, it’s been quite a long while since we’d updated our blog.
So here I am.
I will try my best to keep you updated with what’s happening around here.

I hope to find this blog somewhat helpful and entertaining to you all.
(FYI – Our English and Japanese blog may be useful for your Japanese learning tool!)

Enough of the introduction, so here are today’s topics:

#1 Rainy Season!!

In Langkawi, there are 2 main seasons – dry and wet.
Ususally dry season falls between mid December to April (February being the driest!),
and rainy season for the rest.

Even so called ‘rainy’ season, there aren’t many days that rain all day long, and it’s more like a sudden shower!
If you wait for 30min or a little longer, it’s more likely to stop and become sunny again.

Rain brings greens back on this tropical island…and that means you’ll see beautiful tropical flowers such as this!

(Umbrellas are available at most of the major hotels, that’s nice to know when you are traveling, right?)

#2 Yummy FRUITS are in season!!

Local fruits are in season in Langkawi at this time of the year.

I’d got this beautiful organic local mango the other day and had it as breakfast.
Sooo delicious and what a great way to start your day!!

Mango, papaya, rambutan, mangosteen, longan, durian, jackfruit, guava……you name it.
Not only at the local fruit stands, but you can buy these items at pasar malam (night market) which opens eveynight in Langkawi (locations vary due to days of the week).
So come and enjoy the greener Langkawi (and don’t forget to stop at UNKAIZAN for a dinner!)