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Malaysia’s best restaurant 2005.

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There are several dining options at this restaurant
located near the popular Pantai Chenang strip on Langkawi.
Diners can choose airconditioning ,
garden setting or floor seating above the ground floor.

Unkaizan has an extensive selection of popular
Japanese dishes cooked by a young, enthusiastic and professional chef.
The menu is complemented by daily specials with a predominance of seafood
and various fish parts.
Cooking styles include sashimi, sushi , salads. charcoal grilled stone
plate, tempura, hot pot and teppanyaki.
One of the signature dishes is live lobster sold by 100gm portions and
served as sashimi, grilled or teppanyaki or
a combination of both.
Sashimi is highly recommended and the teppanyaki is sweet and buttery.
The once-live garoupa is also served in an similar fashion and live crab
(deceased by the time arrives) is served with rice and chilli in a steaming
claypot cooked
over smoldering charcoal.
Toro Tataki of lightly cooked fish and shallots has a distinctive barbecue
The soba noodles with tempura(prawn . eggplant and pumpkin) are superb.
For those who need rice with their meal,
the seafood rice of plump scallop and fresh prawn, will not disappoint.
The dessert menu comes as no surprise- fresh tropical fruits, ice cream and
rice cake.
What is surprising is the quality of the macha ice cream, which is a must

There are superb labels including Cloudy Bay, Wither Hills, Mondavi and
Sakeor beer may be a better choice.

It’s always good to have a knowledgeable
server help negotiate seemingly complex Japanese menus.
The chef is ready to step in as required.

Japanese food is not noted for its bargain-
basement pricing but the bill here is commensurate with the high-quality

FOOD point 8
SERVICE point 8
WINE point 6

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