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Special board

Special board

When you are seated, do not forget to look for the “black board” which is written our signature dishes, special daily offer, and interesting new menu (mostly imported from Japan)!
Everything on the “black board” is not on the normal menu, you know what does it mean…? Just check it out!

Seasonal seafood

Live White fish (sea bass)
Would you like to have some great Sashimi? Go for this!
You have choice from Sashimi, Grill, Deep-fry and Teppanyaki for your cooking style.
If you will find BIG one… we can make it “half & half”.
Staff’s favorite: “half & half” Sashimi & Deep-fry
Especially, we will inform you by "Special board" when there is the large one.
Maguro (Tuna)
Tuna's season is October.
It stocks with the tuna of the collection from the fisherman.
A fresh tuna can be tasted.