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Playing in Langkawi

Playing in Langkawi

Kayaking in the jungle

Mangrove cruise by Kayak. Meet the wildlife, touch the nature, eat outdoors and you may sleep well...
By kayaking you can go on your own pace, you will feel, see and hear the great nature of Langkawi.
Enjoy this unique tour, made even more interesting by your guide Mr. Ojima's amazing knowledge and fun character.
Kayaking, jungle exploration, relaxation... all in one.
Highly recommended!!


It is possible to play like Tarzan in the jungle.
It is a jungle climbing, not a rock-climbing.!
It is the different type of nature attraction in Langkawi.
It will be an experience which will never be forgotten...
This tour has won the prize of "Best Adventure tour Malaysia 2003/2004".

Sunset cocktail/dinner cruise

Sunset cocktail cruiseSunset cocktail cruise
Enjoy the sunset without any obstacles.
Its salt water jacuzzi is one of the main attraction of this cruise.
You’ll get to lie in the sea with a drink in your hands! Depends on the tours, locally made dinner or cocktails or both come with! The crews are very friendly and offer you taking pictures etc. If you need more information go to Crystal Yacht Holidays website and pick the tour that suits your stay in Langkawi.

Bathing in waterfalls

Bathing in waterfalls
If you go a bit further in from Kampong Buku waterfalls, there is a small bathing spot (fresh water pond).
The water is from the knee level of an adult to the depth that’s deep enough to jump in.
There are more to do than relaxing – such as jumping competition with locals or catching small fish and shrimps – so have fun!

Little tips

  • Don't forget to bring snacks.
  • Bring back your own rubbish.
  • Bring some towels and clothes to change.
  • Mind your steps. Rocks are slippery.
  • Play at your own risk.

Pasir Tengkorak (beach)

Pasir Tengkorak (beach)Pasir Tengkorak (beach)
Most tourists enjoy ‘beachin’ time ’at Pantai Cenang or Pantai Tengah area.
This quiet beach is known among locals and you’ll get to see a small island that belongs to our neighbor country, Thailand. The island once used as a penal colony, but do not worry - it has been transformed into a nature park.
It sounds exciting to grab a snack from the street food stand on the way, jump in the water, and swim and enjoy the view, doesn’t it?
There are simple shower stands and picnic tables on site.
※Be careful to wild animals such as monkeys.
  • Location:Datai area